Motivators experiment by bluetechno (

Motivators experiment by bluetechno (

We grow up. We should take important decisions in order to live a life and not just exist.

You already wasted some seconds reading the first line. Always remember in life we have to be patient. The time is now and this correct but sometimes you don't want to rush something you want to last forever.

Me, you, him, her, them but at the end there is only us we are as one, united as one divided by zero and the reactions are the same for the Motiv8tors experiment. Power, money and sex does not bring real happiness to you. Ask yourself these questions but more importantly think with the right mindset, calm down and don't rush answering them fast:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What are you proud about yourself?
  3. Do you love yourself?
  4. What you are doing is what you actually want?
  5. What are your priorities in your life?
  6. If you weren't scared what would you do?
  7. What do you fear loosing the most?
  8. What would you do today if there is no tomorrow?
  9. Where are you living right now - past, present or future?
  10. Are you taking care of people who actually care for you and love you?
  11. Are you working for your dreams?
  12. What did I learn this past month?

Now last question and most important one, are you happy and content?

How you live depends on you, only you! Do not choose to be a conceited person. Be yourself. Do what you like. Do what makes your heart smile. Forgive quickly, also kiss slowly, love your loved ones truly, laugh uncontrollably, break some rules and remember every single thing that made you smile to repeat it again and again.

You don't have to be normal. Sometimes you have to belong to a specialized class of enlightened individuals that seek and spread knowledge.


Spyros Archimides


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